My Darling Dorothy

A timeless World War II love story…

Based on authentic letters from the era, My Darling Dorothy is a timeless love story that transcends both hard times and the brutal impact of war. The tumult of the Great Depression and World War II provides the background for a novel about three young people; Tommie, Jack and Dorothy and their challenges, struggles, defeats and triumphs.Tommie struggles to survive the Bataan Death March in the fall of 1941, clinging to his dream of a gratifying future with Dorothy as his bride. On the frontlines of the European Theatre, Jack experiences the horrors of endless battle. Dorothy, caught between the two, works to maintain her dream of a life beyond small-town Nebraska. The hopes and hardships they share are reflected in the letters that they exchange. Are they remnants of lost dreams, or the foundation for a joyful future? 

A Passion for Life:

Ruth Marie Colville

A Passion For Life: Ruth Marie Colville is a biography that tells a story of persistence and perseverance, of achieving dreams, fostering inquisitiveness, and overcoming fear through positive action. On a larger scale, it is a story of the meeting and mixing of cultures in America. Ruth Marie’s life personifies the meeting of the Victorian East and the American West, and incorporates the melding of Anglo and Hispanic cultures in the San Luis Valley of southern Colorado.If we follow the lessons of Ruth Marie's life, it is possible that we, too, will find ourselves rediscovering an old interest at age fifty, creating a new interest at sixty-five, expanding our circle of friends at eighty, and reaching a life-long dream at nine-two. 

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